What is dementia? Dementia is an umbrella term used as a collective word for a number of cognitive impairments – mainly seen to be associated with memory. However, depending on the stage of the progression of dementia, and the type of dementia there will be different symptoms and behaviours exhibited by the person living with dementia.

What are some of the commonly known forms of dementia? Without a doubt Alzheimer’s Disease is the most prevalent and the better known form of dementia. Whereas, amongst the BAME communities it is ‘Vascular Dementia’ that is more likely to exist. This is partly associated with the lifestyle choices amongst these communities – therefore an opportunity exists to work on risk reduction. Other forms include…

What are the prevalence rates of dementia amongst the communities in the UK? As an approximate figure, there are about 800,000 – 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia. When you look at the figures amongst the BAME communities, there are around 20,000 people living with dementia. However, whilst the increase amongst the White British population is expected to increase by about two fold, it is expected to be a seven to eight fold increase amongst the BAME communities – partly due to the population demographics.

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