Case Study 3 – Raj

Raj is a carer for his dad, Hari.  Hari has lost his sense of time and place as well as his ability to undertake many day-to-day tasks.  The family were struggling until Raj’s friend told him about her own dad’s dementia.  This led to Raj asking for an assessment so that he could get a diagnosis for his dad.

Once the diagnosis was given, Raj said the diagnosis acted as a gateway to accessing some support from the local social services. He was also able to ask for a carer’s assessment for himself.  After having struggled with Hari’s dementia Raj and his family now access a support group where other carers of a family member with dementia come along to access information, share worries and seek ideas and tips of how to cope with the situation at home.

Raj says he tried accessing day care for Hari, but he has struggled to find day care services that were either culturally appropriate for South Asian older people with dementia, or any Asian day care facilities who were equipped to support Hari due to his dementia.  Hari is therefore being supported at home. Raj is looking into the possibility of Direct Payments from the Council’s Social Care Services to support Hari with culturally appropriate support from people within his own community networks.

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