We aim to work in communities (wherever possible, in partnership with statutory and voluntary community organisations) to raise the awareness of dementia amongst the BAME communities.  

We want communities (especially the person living with dementia and their carer(s), but more generally the wider community to understand dementia and its impact.  

Awareness of dementia is very important if the person with (potential) dementia and their family carers are to access appropriate and timely information as well as services. Depending on whose perspective you take, you will see from the infograph below that there is a wide variation between views. Service providers might feel they are doing a good job with the recipients of their information. The communities may not be able to access the information (awareness) as it may not be timely, in the appropriate format or language.

The person with (potential) dementia may not come along to find out about (or search for the) information relating to dementia, memory problems of cognitive impairments due to a fear or stigma.  Similarly, family carers may not see the need to access information if they are not aware of dementia and its impact – at least not until matters get to crisis point.