We want BAME carers to have the right access to information and support at the right time so that diagnosis is timely, carers get their carer assessment and the carer can be supported irrespective of care being a burden or rewarding to them. We seek to offer support, empowerment and advocacy so that those living with dementia are supported to improve their quality of life with dementia.

How can Meri Yaadain CiC help you?

Information and Signposting

We provide information on dementia and where you can go for further information, access to services and/or help to make informed choices about what to do next. This can be done over the phone or a home visit. 

Community Roadshows & Workshops

We deliver sessions in the community to discus, train and educate people about the different aspects of dementia and how it will impact the lives of people affected by dementia – the person themselves as well as the carer and other family members

Giving you a voice through involvement & engagement

It is important that people living with dementia and their family carers from the BAME communities are heard and seen. This helps give you a voice and for us to challenge the inequality of service provision. This can be through events, information for publicity, conferences or a connection with other trusted organisations including community and academic research.

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Dementia affects everyone in a different way. But we can all play our part in helping to become better carers or to learn how me might want to live our lives whilst we can still make decisions that affect us.

There maybe no cure for dementia (as yet), but that does not mean we cannot seek and use support services in the community or through health and social care agencies.