Understanding BAME dementia

There are many factors influencing the understanding of dementia amongst the BAME communities. These include:

  • Social construct of dementia
  • Not having a word for dementia
  • Influences from historical and migratory experiences
  • Perceived or actual discrimination or prejudice from services
  • GPs, Social Workers, Carers acting as ‘gatekeepers
  • Commissioners of services not understanding cultural competencies required of service provision

Given that many of them have a range of differences based on language, faith, ethnicity and other psycho-social factors such as social class and literacy, will mean there are lots of communities within communities. Therefore we cannot assume that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach can be easily used, nor can we assume that they look after their own.

Dementia mentioned in The Quran
Dementia mentioned in The Quran 16:70
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