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Mohammed Akhlak Rauf MBE Founder and Director

A very warm welcome to you, to Meri Yaadain (My Memories) CiC. We are a community interest company set up to expand on our work which we began in 2006. Together with a number of Directors, I am hopeful that we will be able to make a meaningful impact in supporting people from Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities who face barriers in accessing information, services and advocacy. Whether living with dementia or caring for a family member (or friend), individuals from these communities are often ‘seldom heard and seen’ in the dementia world. Not only does research (statistics) tell us that these communities are at higher risks of certain types of dementia, but they are also markedly absent in both accessing services or being able to have access to cultural competency beyond their home.

We aim to work in partnership with statutory and voluntary community organisations to offer support, empowerment and advocacy so that those living with dementia have more meaningful lives (better able to live well with dementia). We want BAME carers to have the right access to information and support at the right time so that diagnosis is timely, carers get their carer assessment and the carer can be supported irrespective of care being a burden or rewarding to them. Finally we want services to develop culturally appropriate services that take into consideration the barriers and facilitators which help or hinder access to them by BAME people living with dementia or for their carers.

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