We have re-launched the Meri Yaadain website to mark the 1st year anniversary of Meri Yaadain being a Company interest Group. It has been an amazing and productive journey to get to this stage and we hope there are many more years to come.

We hope you find the new website informative, easy to access and full of vital information that is pertinent to you, whether you are living with dementia, a carer looking after someone who is living with dementia, or an organisation looking to learn more about BAME Dementia.

We will endeavour to keep the site updated with new and relevant content to aid the awareness of BAME Dementia and to help and engage with carers and people living with dementia in providing guidance, support and information.

New Information page will hold all our downloadable leaflets and posters
New Home page
1st Year anniversary & re-launch of Meri Yaadain Website
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